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        Linoya was founded in 1997

        Linoya Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. After more than 20 years’development, Linoya has grown into a large-scale enterprise group integrating development, manufacturing and sales, focusing on three major product areas: intelligent transmission, smart power supply and new materials. It has completed the construction of three industrial parks, which including Shenzhen Linoya Science and Technology Park, Dongguan Songshan Lake Linoya Industrial Park, Dongguan Chashan Linoya Industrial Park, and the industrial layout of four production bases, which including Dongguan Qishi Production Base and Vietnam Production Base.


        Cable to life, and Linoya works hard for people’s better life.


        Today, Linoya’s products have been widely used in?new energy vehicles, photovoltaic energy storage, industrial automation, cloud computing, Internet of Things, smart cities, smart home 3D printing and other fields.The products cover high-voltage cables for new energy vehicles, charging gun cables for new energy vehicles, on-board data transmission cables, photovoltaic and energy storage cables, 5G network cables and high-speed data transmission cables and components, outdoor waterproof cables, outdoor waterproof connectors, outdoor intelligent connection and transmission, and smart home power cord plugs;PVC, CTPE, TPE, TPU, PUR, XLPE, XLPO, Low smoke zero halogen, FPE and other thermoplastic polymer materials.


        With excellent efficiency, superior quality and excellent service, Linoya’s products sell well in dozens of countries and regions at home and abroad, and have won wide recognition and high trust from the market and customers.

        |Learn more about Linoya|


        With more than 20 years focus on wire and cable R & D and manufacturing, Linoya upholds?the concept of scientific and technological innovation.?Having? advanced production lines and complete industrial chain,?we become one of the largest domestic wire?and cable private manufacturer. Linoya’s?products also have obtained the management system certification?from the international authority. Till now, Linoya?has established?the US branch, and 15 agents in the world?and its annual sales is 400 million US dollars?in the year of 2016 and continued to grow every year.



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